Restore+Rebalance Stretch Program

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Step aside Power-Yoga-Barre-Inverted-Arial-Pilates-Fusion!

(...I mean, really - how many of you can actually just touch your toes without an extensive warm-up?)

If you just paused to think about that last point for a moment, then it's time to STOP overcomplicating and get BACK to BASICS and re-discover SIMPLY STRETCHING.

And no, not in the fancy, effortless and carefree pretzal-like, Insta-worthy beach poses we see flooding our social news feeds.

I want bringing it all back to where it all began - basic stretching exercises to relieve tired, achy muscles, improve your flexibility and re-discovering your toes aren't actually all that far away, after-all, even if it's been a while since you've reached them.

Our muscles are overworked

Our poor, overworked muscles are crying out for us to SLOW DOWN - not taking it beyond it's current capabilities to simply show off or keep up in a class.

Yes, this new-found focus on well-being is great, with loads of new classes, trends and ways to move your body and improve your flexibility.

Working smarter

But it does feel as if it's started getting a bit out of control, making looking after yourself seem waaaaay too complicated and unachievable, unless you're hanging in a fancy silk from the ceiling.

Does this mean we should stop challenging ourselves or pushing our limits?


But now, we do it in a smart way that works WITH our body. Meeting it where it is in that moment instead of forcing it through a range it's not ready for (...yet).

The right fit

You can find a ton of YouTube clips on stretching but how do you know which is the right one for you?

A stretch that hits the spot for one person isn't necessarily going to be effective for someone else.

Maybe you've already noticed this - you feel like you're following the instructions to the letter but you just don't feel the stretch where you want or it's hitting somewhere else entirely!

It can be so frustrating!

What these generic exercises fail to take into account is that everybody is different.

We have different proportions, different demands placed on our body and different areas we need to focus on.

Hi, I'm Holly Hicks and I'm the founder of Fluid Movement + Wellbeing.

For almost 20 years, I've treated thousands of people in clinical practice as an Elite Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist and taught hundreds of in-person stretch classes and workshops as a Stretch Therapy Coach.

I'm here to help you cut through all the fancy over-complications of the latest trends and help you get back to basics - understanding your own body and taking care of it in a way that works FOR YOU.

Introducing 'Restore+Rebalance Stretch Program'

In my new program, I'll walk you through step by step how to alleviate pain, reduce muscle tension and improve your mobility and flexibility and best of all, it's completely customisable. 

I'm going to show you how to identify and target your own specific problem areas and what to do about it, so next time something pops up, you have the tools and confidence to get straight onto it and not let a niggle become a big problem.

Over 12 weeks, I've got your covered, from head to toe (literally!) with stretches, strategies, handy tools and #StretchHacks to help you move more comfortably and pain free.

Ready to get started?

Foundation Member discount is currently EXTENDED for the very special  rate of only $97! 

Once the special Foundation Discount ends, the price goes back up to the normal price of $197 (which I think is still a bargain for a live, 12 week program!)

Join me and let's roll...

Love, Holly x

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